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Hello everyone! Brennan here, writer, twitch streamer and Instagram...person. My article today will not be the long-awaited return of “unlikely allies” (I really need to get on that before I get fired) but! Something even bigger, better and some might say even more...mega? With one of the craziest giveaways you’ll ever be a part of. Today I’m here to talk about the biggest crossover event since the MCU, The Megabowl!

So, what is the Megabowl? I’m sure if you’re reading this article you at least heard something about it (that is if intothe99 is holding up their end). The Megabowl is a huge collaboration between four Magic The Gathering content creators; Into the 99, Elderdragon Skypelander, Cardboard Command and of course my channel the Canada Geeks. It is a deck brewing challenge, that will culminate in a day of head to head Commander games. In case you missed the announcement stream I’ll catch you up. Each of our channels submitted twenty-five random legendary creatures (both good and bad) which we input in the Megawheel. We were each given three spins to chose what commanders we had the opportunity to build. For example, I was given; Sol’Kanar, the Swamp King, Rashmi Eternities Crafter, and Feldon of the Third Path (pretty diverse if you ask me). We then took our Commanders back to our respective communities and had all of you vote on which Legend we had to build around. I personally voted for the worst option for each channel because... well I’m the worst. If you missed the voting, well you must be living under a rock.

The Big day

Now that you’ve stopped reading, allow me to get to the nitty gritty. On Saturday August 1 at 2pm EST on my twitch channel you will be welcomed by our incredible commentary team. They will give you a brief player and deck introduction (which I’m sure will be hilarious) and they will tell you, the viewer how at the end of every game you can enter to win one of our decks! It should be an all-day affair so be sure to stay tuned in. Between each game there will be a 20-minute break where the players can rest, eat... and reconsider their life choices. Our commentary team will be filling those gaps with even more awesome content you won’t want to miss.

Rules of Engagement

In terms of deck building restrictions, we set a budget of $100.00 USD (or $134,273.89 Canadian, I kid) according to Card Kingdom prices, and for that reason we’ll be using Archidekt as our deck builder of choice. We are looking to avoid combo style decks, as they can make for too many non-games. We are set to play four games total and after the final game we will crown a winner, and first ever Megabowl champion! Our basic scoring system is as follows.

•4 points for first place

•3 points for second place

•2 points for third place

•1 point for fourth place

As an example, if there is a game where three players are eliminated at the same time, the winner will receive 4 points and the 3 others will receive 1. More rules may be added if one of the decks is obviously much better than the rest.

The Competition

Cardboard Command (Ruhan of the Fomori) They are a long-time group of friends who love playing Magic: The Gathering, particularly in the Commander (EDH) format. They like fun, interactive game play and witty banter. Occasionally, they'll even break up the gameplay with a tiny skit or bit of improv. Lovers of all kinds of decks: themed, tribal, aristocrats, battlecruiser, combo, upgraded precons, or even just a smattering of shoebox cards. The group plays with variety, interesting and creative gameplay, and politics. Want to have some fun with players who swing with a smile? Be sure to sling spells with Cardboard Command.

Into the 99 (Thantis, the Warweaver) A group of Magic the Gathering players with a specific love for Commander. Their content is meant to shed light on the topics we often find ourselves considering while playing with our friends or out at our local game store. They are always aiming to consider mechanics, potential commanders and overarching game themes with differing perspectives.

Elderdragon Skypelander (Kambal, Consul of Allocation) A group of four friends who love to play battlecruiser style magic. They’re all about community and seek to work with and foster spaces that are affirming for all those who wish to be apart of it. They’re always down for a good game and a laugh, and work to bring fun, accessible, and relatable EDH content to our community.

The Canada Geeks (Sol’Kanar, the Swamp King) A Twitch and YouTube streamer and a Commander/ EDH enthusiast that plays live VEDH one to two times a week. Despite the name, The Canada Geeks consists of only one person…me! And for that reason I fill out my games with guests from the MTG community around the world, from Ontario, Canada, to California to the Netherlands. I play everything from kitchen table decks with very low power levels, to dipping my toes into the lower tiers of CEDH. If you’re a fan of wonky homebrew decks be sure to check out my stream.

Final Partings

Well, I think I covered just about everything. I hope this article did a reasonable job of explaining the event. I cannot tell you how excited each channel is to be part of the Megabowl and to share it with our fans. I really hope you enjoy the content, and I’m excited to see what everyone brings to the table and I wish I was able to win one of the decks. If you have any questions, please feel free to comment down below or shoot me a DM on Instagram. So, mark it on your calendar, and clear your schedule, Saturday August 1st, 2020 at 2pm EST. THE MEGABOWL!

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