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What is Rise of the Precons?

Rise of the Pre-cons is an online league hosted through our Discord Server. This will be a deck-building/gameplay league where players start with a pre-con Commander decklist. Players can either buy a new commander pre-con or build out the decklist from their collection.

Each game played during the event will earn players points, these points will enable the players to make changes to their deck. 

Is there any cost to Enter?

There is no cost to enter this event.

How Long will the League Run?

The League will start with each major set that releases new commander pre-cons. The League will run until 2 weeks before the next new set's pre-release.

League Prizing!!

4 Precons: Elven Empire, Phantom Premonition, Arm for Battle, Lands Wrath
4 sets of Dragon Sheild: Brown, White, Clear Purple, Vater
2 Deck Boxes

1st Place: 2 Pre-cons, 2 sets of Sleeves, Deck Box, 5 Proxies & Proxy Sol Ring with Placement

2nd Place: 1 Pre-con, 1 Set of Sleeves, 1 Deck Box, 3 Proxies & Proxy Sol Ring with Placement

3rd Place: 1 Pre-con, 1 Set of Sleeves, 2 Proxies & Proxy Sol Ring with Placement

4th - 10th Place: Proxy Sol Ring

Proxies created by PieRexia

  1. League will run from April 28th - July 4th​

  2. You may choose any commander pre-con product (you may construct an older one from your collection, but the decklist must match card for card, does not need to be from the same set)

    • Decklists can be found here

  3. At the beginning of the league when you submit which deck you are playing, you also need to nominate your commander you will be running. (Some decks come with multiple legendary creatures that could be run as a commander) You can switch them each week if you like. Just ensure you include this with your upgrade submissions.

  4. Each player can play a maximum of 3 games to count towards points.

    • Games will run from Wednesday - Sunday. You must submit your upgrades before noon (on Wednesday) in order to be able to use your upgrades. Failure to do so will lock in your deck from the previous week.

  5. After each game players will receive the following points:

    • Participation - 5 points

    • Eliminating a player - 5 points

    • Winning your pod - 10 points

    • In the event of a tie, the remaining players will all be awarded 5 points (no one will receive the 10 points for a victory)

    • Maximum of 30 points per game / Max of 90 points a weekend

  6. Based on players weekly points they will be able to upgrade their deck in equivalent dollar amount (using TCG player mid)
    • 10 - 25 = $15 upgrades​
    • 30 - 60 = $10 upgrades
    • 65 - 90 = $5 upgrades
  7. Before noon on Wednesday, each week players must submit the changes they are making to their decklists and include the TCPPlayer pricing for the cards they are adding (please also include what you are removing)
  8. Players can use the “league - LFG” channel to organize games using Spellbot or discord voice channels
  9. Results must be posted upon completion of each game in the “reporting - booth" channel (please only 1 player report per game)
    • Example:
      • Winner: Player 2
        Eliminations: Player 1 X'd Player 3/4​, Player 2 X'd Player 1
  10. If you have rules questions please reach out to a judge (Lotus, Ashen and Han)
  11. We Greatly encourage players to play each game with different members of the event but it is not required
No upcoming events at the moment
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